Innstant: Helping travel companies be one Switch Away from Being A Content King

In the online travel world, having the optimum API content is a necessity.
The Innstant content API uses JSON format (Javascript Object Notation). Client key benefits include 750,000 plus worldwide properties from Innstant, greater speed, more rate options, faster and easier integration and last but not least a Content Switch option.

What is so special about JSON?
In short, unlike parsing XML software which is slow and cumbersome – JSON is faster.
The biggest advantage of the JSON format is that it is lighter than XML because its data is formatted serially and contains no tags. This makes it easier to read and faster to parse.

How can the Innstant Content Switch benefit your business?

The Innstant Content Switch solution supports 2 types of clients:

  • Travel Agents, Tour Operators and APP Travel companies:
    This type of client can avail of the Innstant content in one single API powered into their own system and they can create their own business rules with either B2B and B2C rate options.
  • Larger Travel Companies:
    Retail, wholesale and larger travel companies can avail of almost 130 supplier API’s in one feed featuring up to approximately one million-plus properties. The client has the ability to negotiate their own commercial agreements with the global suppliers with no mark up between their contracted rate and what is displayed in the search results.

If you are looking for global content, have a long development backlog or simply want to save money availing of multiple suppliers in one single switch, then check www.innstantgroup.com for further information or contact our team to learn how we can help grow your business!

By Darryl Ismail, CEO, Innstant Travel