Accommodation Mapping – more power to your business

Every online accommodation company recognises the importance of product mapping accuracy for their business. The aim should be to achieve the highest level accuracy to overcome costly mapping errors, duplicated content and other challenges which come with multi-sourced inventory.

Nowadays many players have 1000’s if not 100’s of thousands of properties which further increases the challenge. At Innstant we live and breathe online accommodation, this is why we developed our own proprietary in-house automated mapping tool. This solution significantly reduces mapping time (as fast as 24 hours), the costs associated with this important task and drastically reduces manual mapping.

Accuracy is good for Business – Accommodation mapping is essential for both travel agents and suppliers alike. It enables OTAs to provide the best offerings possible to their clients by mapping data from numerous sources in an efficient manner. For suppliers, on the other hand, powerful automated mapping enables them to distribute their inventory reliably and optimizes the product coverage thus increasing their sales.

Another relevant benefit of good mapping is that online travel companies can significantly reduce their look to book ratio by minimizing inactive code replacement on distributor property lists thus avoiding unnecessary queries.

Revenue losses, missed booking opportunities and booking mistakes are the results of inefficient mapping.
In summary, a focus in overcoming these mapping obstacles saves money, increase profitability and most importantly improves customer satisfaction.