Innstant Travel expands its portfolio with luxurious hotel The Hanging Gardens of Bali

Innstant Travel, the global travel wholesaler, is thrilled to announce the addition of The Hanging Gardens of Bali Hotel to its preferred contracts portfolio.

Nestled in the heart of the lush Balinese jungle, the incredible The Hanging Gardens of Bali offers an unparalleled luxury experience for travellers looking for a quiet escape, ideal for honeymoons or wedding anniversaries.

The Hanging Gardens is a true oasis, offering a range of facilities and services that will impress even the most ardent traveller. The hotel features sumptuous villas with private pools, spacious suites, and hidden villas, blending modern comforts with Bali’s traditional charm.

The hotel also offers a unique spa service, giving travellers the chance to relax with traditional treatments and massages. This trip will also be an opportunity to enjoy fine Indonesian and international cuisine in a romantic atmosphere.

“We are absolutely delighted to add The Hanging Gardens of Bali to our preferred contracts portfolio”, said Darryl Ismail, CEO of Innstant Travel. “This hotel is a real gem in the middle of the Balinese jungle, offering travellers a unique and unparalleled experience of tranquillity and relaxation. We are confident that The Hanging Gardens of Bali will convince agents to book with us and offer travellers the holiday of their lifetime.”

The Hanging Gardens of Bali gem is available to book now at www.innstant.travel. Innstant is offering great wholesale rates and with our refundable BOOK Now – PAY Later; travel planning with Innstant Travel is easy and flexible!